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Man On Man Love - Xennials - Oregon Trail Generation - Funko Pop Toys - Bright - Movies - Binge-Watchers Podcast #151
January 13, 2018 John Travis, Nicky T, and Atom Jones

"Regardless of the actual topics you should name the next episode Man on Man Love and just see what happens." A sequel to Weekend at Bernie's called Weekend at Betty's is pitched, micro generation called Xennials, Oregon Trail Generation.

James Franco scandal, Mark Walhberg's extra payday, payday problems across Hollywood, accusations in Tinsel Town, Why Bright on Netflix is awesome, obsessions with Funko Pop Vinyl, Hordak of The Horde, Dave defends Last Jedi and John Travis has no counter arguments, Matthew Modine movies that are not Vision Quest.

And a secret movie project... 

Since recording this, Mark Wahlberg donated that 1.5M payout to #TimesUp 

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