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Superman & Beyond Part 1 - Superman Movies - DCU - DC Comics - Star Trek - Binge-Watchers Podcast #142
August 13, 2017 Jacques Lambert

We really ripped a hole in time-space on this one, guest Sean "Jacques" Lambert, a Boston boy who has 30 years in the Hollywood producer game and host John Travis send us down the pop culture highway of nerd culture overdrive with the history of Superman movies and comics. Starting with the Reign of Superman creation story, talking every Superman including Japan's SupraMan, the evolution of the casting process, the unlikely contenders for the part like James Caan before landing on Christopher Reeves. The genius of shooting Superman I and II simultaneously, the fallout of Richard Donner, we go deep into Superman Dynasty that is like in century 800 and beyond, and Batman keeps filtering in, and so we reveal that Batman Beyond is Batman's son. Jacques talks about his podcast, Carnival Personnel, his friendship and working relationship with actor, Scott Grimes. Shows that could have been, Jacques and John discuss their mutual connection and history with Larry Charles, Star Trek parodies, and some love for Shakes The Clown. Truly epic podcast moment, ran for overtime 2 hour sprint, enjoy. Find his show here Brought to you by Zorpads. Zorpads are odor eliminating shoe inserts made from NASA-tested technology. They stick in place, make no mess, last up to 60 wears, and are only $5 per pair. Use "BINGE" at checkout and get $1 off...

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