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What's Your Number Two? Space Movies, That Is - SciFi Movies - Star Wars - The Last Starfighter - VHS Rentals - NASA - Binge-Watchers Podcast #140
July 22, 2017 Atom Jones

We get into our top space movies, one of us argues that all movies are space movies because Earth is a planet, titles include some Star Trek flicks, Aliens, The Ice Pirates, The Last Starfighter, a Star Wars entry, side debates include William Shatner the cartoon, new Star Trek: Discovery, Ready Player One, Howard The Duck and some teenage girls, Enemy Mines, VHS rentals, Bill Paxton, some time is devoted to internet stalkers, saying goodbye to Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and John Heard, plus an update on this "tentacle alien exorcist" movie. Brought to you by Zorpads. Zorpads are odor eliminating shoe inserts made from NASA-tested technology. They stick in place, make no mess, last up to 60 wears, and are only $5 per pair. Use "BINGE" at checkout and get $1 off...

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