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BW 136: Live Interruptions of the Creative Process & How Dealing With An Internet Troll Is Like The Art Of War - Binge Watchers Podcast 136 - John Travis - Atom Jones - Cinematographer - Unfiltered- RAW Audio
July 09, 2017 John Travis, Nicky T, and The Binge Watchers

Recorded live from John's bathroom complete with drippy faucet, Atom Jones the cinematographer for Jupiter Lift rings him up, and John explains how some jerk online doesn't understand the concept of a director's notebook, which is simply a pile of reference materials one collects when asked about the vision of the film one is making submitted to interested parties who may also be involved in making it because it has not been made yet. The guy loses his shit over the course of an email and stalks the movie campaign. Atom makes a dumb analogy and sends it off course for a bit, but the bit about dealing with an immaturity level of a internet goblin, and the Art of War nod is redeemable. #artofwar #internettroll #onlinegoblins #critics #tacobell #indiegogo #indiegogogoinggone こんにちは サポート 膜 Jupiter Lift

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