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Podcast Daddy-O From Maryland Part 1 - Hollywood Fringe Festival - Binge-Watchers Podcast #134
May 06, 2017 Jase Whitaker

Jase Whitaker on the most awesome Binge Watchers ever. Simpatico. Shout out to Maryland ladies. "After a short stint in celebrity and fashion public relations, he fully invested in acting in 2011, when we gained recognition as a lead in the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival production 'Eavesdropper', in which he wowed audiences in his portrayal of an unstable gay man who's boyfriend has died of AIDS. 

This role soon led to small featured roles on shows such as Comedy Central's Key & Peele and Community, which soon led to a recurring role on the hit comedy series, Baby Daddy. In early 2016, Jase presented his first ever original television series to Freeform (formerly ABC Family), the same network that cast him on Baby Daddy, based on his experiences when he first moved to Los Angeles. The day following his first meeting, he was granted an "open door pitch policy" with the network. 

By winter 2016, his second ever concept was optioned and he has continued to build from there." IMDb this kid! How an entertainer is like an astronaut living on the moon and then rockets home from LA, humble beginnings on the East Coast, Maryland women, passion and ambition, what "The Bodyguard" teaches us all, not seeing race on TV, why writers are samurai, how John Travis and Jase set a milestone on a single episode, and perhaps, record the greatest Binge Watchers podcast of all time. 

Even stories about fathers and growing up. Differences between stage and TV actors. 


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