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Go F@@k Another Fairytale Creature in Movieland. This One's Taken - Movies From 1991 - Binge-Watchers Podcast #120
March 22, 2017 John Travis, Nicky T, and The Binge Watchers

Hi, I'm a funny podcast. This week I am having a 1991-related identity crisis. Help me by downloading me and listening to my issues. 
1) There 15 movies on this Top 10 List From 1991 
2) Did you Tell Mom The Babysister's Dead. 
3) Who Is the Father of The Bride? 
4) Is he The Last Boy Scout? 
5) What a Bogus Journey 
6) Two Dead Freds 
7) Are you going, Ninja? 
8) Billy Crystal is so Slick. 
9) A Husband Fakes his Death on Goldie 
10) Clive Barker style, and John's Clive Barker Fear contest entry sounds f@@king rad. 

And, yes, John is going to have to f@@k this leprechaun. 

Review purposes only: Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go by Vanilla Ice, download the mp3 on Amazon today 
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