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Nick Looks Like A Character From Silence Of The Lambs. - B Movies From 1990 - Binge-Watchers Podcast #119
March 11, 2017 Nick Thiel, and The Binge Watchers

No introduction. No theme song. just Binge. 

1) She ran away with some dude to France. 
2) Who gets the dog? 
3) Making a podcast about 90s movies is hard. 
4) B movie D List from 1990. 
5) Why does only one of us know what Robot Jox is? 
6) The devil has a spaceship? 
7) I only like my hookers Frankensteined. You can sell a whole movie with the poster art. 
8) You can't talk about that movie because it isn't from 1990.
9) Podcast goes off topic. 
10) Did you mention a killer shopping cart movie? 

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