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Burnt My Ear Hair Off Trying To Level Up - Full Moon Movies - Dragon Ball Stories - Binge-Watchers Podcast #118
March 07, 2017 John T. Maye, Nick Thiel, and The Binge Watchers

1) Prologue to 1990s movies 
2) Rockadoodle? There is a flood and then an adventure starts with an Elvis rooster? 
3) Sliding into Middle Age Grooming Accidents 
4) Strangle Her Or Make Her A Picnic 
5) the 90s has a lot of over the top but still great movies 
6) Hollywood believes or is outraged by whatever you believe in or are outraged by so it can profit. 
7) A New Depression 
8) Hunting Dragon Balls With A Monkey Boy 
9) Emilio's Uncle Estevez 
10) My Friend's Hard Hitting Movie Script 
11) Full Moon Movies 

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