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Bad Romances: Wild At Heart

February 11, 2020 Johnny Spoiler, Dangerous Dave, and The Binge-Watchers Season 16 Episode 2
Binge-Watchers Podcast
Bad Romances: Wild At Heart
Binge-Watchers Podcast
Bad Romances: Wild At Heart
Feb 11, 2020 Season 16 Episode 2
Johnny Spoiler, Dangerous Dave, and The Binge-Watchers

"Put your (fill in the blank) on the table..."

Oscars 2020 break down to: Laura Dern is a gay icon, Brad Pitt is your best friend, maybe getting a Parasite isn't so bad, Slim Shady cameos, Martin Scorsese falls asleep, and the Joker cries about baby cows while mumbling his way through the speech of the century.

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Return to one of the "Baddest" Romances Of All Time in the the most romantic movie David Lynch ever made in Wild At Heart with Nick Cage and Laura Dern.

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Binge-Watchers is a late night show for your ears with entertainment news, film history, philosophies based on movie plots, hear the adventures and successful failures of our host, JOHNNY SPOILER joined by his buddies he has known since film school, DANGEROUS DAVE, NICKY LATES, and sometimes, their friends from TV, Film, and Music come along for the ride. One epic binge-watch after another. You could say this crew are professional binge watchers because they are movie fans that grew up to to try to make some films of their own as they navigate the industry, day jobs, and real life.

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Show Notes Transcript

"Put your (fill in the blank) on the table..."

Oscars 2020 break down to: Laura Dern is a gay icon, Brad Pitt is your best friend, maybe getting a Parasite isn't so bad, Slim Shady cameos, Martin Scorsese falls asleep, and the Joker cries about baby cows while mumbling his way through the speech of the century.

Now let's start the show!

Return to one of the "Baddest" Romances Of All Time in the the most romantic movie David Lynch ever made in Wild At Heart with Nick Cage and Laura Dern.

Get Wild At Heart Special Edition

Binge-Watchers is a late night show for your ears with entertainment news, film history, philosophies based on movie plots, hear the adventures and successful failures of our host, JOHNNY SPOILER joined by his buddies he has known since film school, DANGEROUS DAVE, NICKY LATES, and sometimes, their friends from TV, Film, and Music come along for the ride. One epic binge-watch after another. You could say this crew are professional binge watchers because they are movie fans that grew up to to try to make some films of their own as they navigate the industry, day jobs, and real life.

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spk_1:   0:02
Dave said, Put our dicks on the table. Almost messed him up, which we haven't done in years. But it's the Oscars. So we said, Let's put a scorecard together and let's do some predictions So we put our dicks on the table, and this is what we came up

spk_0:   0:17
correct. Open a cold box of wine. Or.  Pour Something called on ice because it's the binge watchers. And

spk_1:   0:49
actually, they've beaten by one prediction. I think I think I got four produces, right? I think they've got five. We posted these yellow scorecards to like our Facebook Channel on my instagram page. I've been tweeting tryingto live tweet. But people kept interrupting me while I was watching the Oscars. So I tried to keep up with the awards of, you know, the people I was interested in. But I did my best. Yeah. There you go. I was right about, you know, best picture. I was wrong about Ward urn. I like her. I'm glad you got the award, but I didn't think they were gonna give it to her. And I think the biggest difference was I think, Dave, I think you you were right about parasite getting like a best original screenplay boom. And I thought they were gonna give that Tarantino for once upon a time. We were both right about Brad Pitt. I missed his speech. I'm like, Do I'm mad about that? But they didn't his for some reason so freakin early in the presentation, I was like, What? That's ridiculous.

spk_2:   1:54
They've kind of done that in the last few years with the put the best actor and best supporting actor actress early to kind of get the audience and if you will

spk_1:   2:03
Yeah, Well, um, So Dee was right about Well, I think we're both worried about best adapted screenplay for Jo Jo.

spk_2:   2:14
No, you were right. I was little with

spk_1:   2:17
okay. And, um, we're both right about Joaquin. Obviously, he had a whole speech about the cows.

spk_2:   2:26
His was a good speech, but it was a little got a little awkward in the middle.

spk_1:   2:33
Got a little off topic there. But it's gonna go down in history is like one of those off topic Oscar speeches, right? Nothing to do with the movie or rain or really even making movies. And it's why I like injector personal politics. Because this this is your form your pulpit. Oh, yeah, There's not gonna be no no time during the rest of the years in bloody gonna listen to him, so he might as well get it all up. I guess, um, let's see who is the most disappointed

spk_2:   3:03
who looked the most of

spk_1:   3:04
what you think. Look the most is the point of the big ones. You know, like the actor categories are the director. Or like, uh,

spk_2:   3:11
I don't know, because I was keeping an eye out for that. I didn't really see anybody with any, uh, her feelings. Like I I was on the lookout for Tarantino because I thought Tarantino was gonna get a few things. But, hey, I think him and Bonds, you hope, have been friends. Or like he's been in an admirer of him for a while. So Tarantino

spk_1:   3:31
about Bones, you hold like what a humble, like dedicated, hardworking filmmaker looked like. You don't see, like his kind of don't see filmmakers or you don't like. They're just like they set out to make a good movie and they pull the resources together and then, like, who is that little cute little lady who like makeup trying to shut the lights off during the speech. He was like on the cast and crew is all there.

spk_2:   3:54
I think that was a producer.

spk_1:   3:55
It was She was one of the producers, all right?

spk_2:   3:57
I think so.

spk_1:   3:58
Yeah. Like literally like, you know what's great? Is it like it wasn't like, I mean, obviously, Joaquin was in a comic book movie, right? All right. I mean, Kirsten, it's not the biggest movie in the world, and it's not like a blockbuster dominating like giant movie. You could almost say that it was like actually like an indie movie, you

spk_2:   4:17
know, very

spk_1:   4:17
much so it and it took everything. And, like I think you and I have talked before about, like, the best pictures would just be the best picture like that Shouldn't be this like, Oh, you're the best picture. But just across the pond, right? Like I said, it's the best foreign movie, not just the best movie. Bye. These air there's like a landslide. It was winning in some other categories. Then all of a sudden it was like a bull best director best take, you know,

spk_2:   4:43
the best director thing, like it kind of surprised me, but not totally. I did think Tarantino was going to get it, but I thought if Tarantino did not, it would have been Bond. You ho the next in line. Um, I really thought there's a There's a lot of talk of maybe 1917 getting best picture, but I I really didn't think that was gonna get it. I I thought it was gonna be really a race between once upon a time in Hollywood, and I don't

spk_1:   5:10
know, man, I have this thing about war movies like I don't want to forget about like, the tragedies like, Don't forget about the people that were affected or the soldiers, for that matter. But I am tired of war movies. I'm really like I'm tired of World War Two movies. I'm part of World War. One like that will be that I'm glad it didn't get. I mean, he got some things, but I'm glad he didn't take the majors because it's snuck into the end of the year and, like, I have no respect for that. Somebody that drops a movie at the end of the year just to get into an Oscar race where then, you know, working hard releasing your movie and then competing, You know, like just at the end, throw some money at it and get into the race, you know?

spk_2:   5:45
Well, it was a good movie, though. I mean, I didn't I I didn't think it was gonna win Best picture movie.

spk_1:   5:52
So I got the score card, so I could be a little bit little bit more accurate here, so we both missed on best, Director. I got best picture you missed on Little Best adapted. Yeah, you're right about best original. And then you were right about Laura Dern. You? Oh, you got me for Renee Zellweger. That was a major category that I really thought it was gonna go to Scarlett Johansson for actress in a leading role.

spk_2:   6:21
I just know Hollywood likes to pat itself on its back. I mean, she was playing Judy Garland people, you know, and I just I first saw that one Going to her

spk_1:   6:32
was like, a post Soon this Oscar for Judy opposed to, like, give us a name,

spk_2:   6:38
which is obviously why I thought once upon a time, it was gonna want to because, like, Hollywood loves to reward itself a lot of time

spk_1:   6:44
Yeah, that's true. I think Renee Zellweger said on the spirit in the stage. Like she she thinks her I don't know the Hollywood community for welcome. Welcome her back, You know, into the limelight like that. Surely Go away. What you do take a four year break or something like that? I mean,

spk_2:   7:02
she did for actually. Yeah, but she did take a long break in the middle and didn't really do anything for a long time.

spk_1:   7:09
All right, Uh, I don't get it. Think anybody. And it was very immature. And like, like his stupid little voices that he used to do in the nineties during his speech. But then you basically said the officers were for the popular kids and for everybody else to reject. That's what this spirit awards air. But you know what? Like I watched the spirits and I usually don't, but I washed them this year and like, they're terrible. They put everybody in a hot tent in them by the beach, and they just tend it up. And then they have poor writing and the like, the none of the jokes were hitting it like the timing's off. And it looked

spk_2:   7:43
like There

spk_1:   7:43
were several moments where Aubrey Plaza just wanted to, like, slit her wrists on stage. Either the jokes were that bad. Or like that mechanisms the mechanical mechanisms of the show. We're not running correctly, right? Booth on. Uh, Anyway, um, I guess like the spirits was supposed to be the true Indies, but there's nothing really India anymore. You know, That's why the parasite moving from South Korea, so so interesting. Um, yeah, because I mean, it's really only what Cindy anymore, a movie that the budget is like less than 30 million. You're

spk_2:   8:22
being kind of mean. It's

spk_1:   8:23
Indy over here is like not what you know. What would it be? Oh, you see, Robert Rodriguez is making original content like the first piece for original content from to Be is gonna be a horror movie that he gave some guy money to make or whatever is like another like one of those $7000 stories.

spk_2:   8:40
Yeah, he made its Ah, forgive with the name of it is, but it's basically about like a medical student working for money like he used to do for ah, to make El Mariachi. And I guess he did make it for, like, 7000 so yeah. Yeah, and it's gonna be a to be original, Which that's he didn't make it in in mind for to be, but they bought it up

spk_1:   9:02
anyway. I mean, I guess I'm kind of jumping around. I should let us recall, like, I guess, finish up the Oscar talk, so I couldn't really tell if it's a great you're not a great year. Like I was so happy that some people want disappointed that others didn't win. I would have been cool to see driver get an award. Uh,

spk_2:   9:20
yeah. Um I don't know. Between the hit e, I think he's gonna have plenty of opportunities. I mean, even though, you know, Joker, I think it one for the right award. I did things. Performance was good. Although I will say, if Adam Sandler did sneak in, I would have actually Ed's out. Adam Sandler for walking if that had been raised. Yeah, but that's just based on personal preference. Not necessarily. Oh, sure, but yeah, actually, this is Ah, this year wasn't that bad. I mean, I didn't really get too disappointed, Surprised, but not disappointed. It is our host. Yeah, a little bit

spk_1:   10:03
point. Billy Crystal Point was like The host is part of the show. Like it's actually part of the entertaining reason. Tow. Watch the Oscars. Right? And they also keep everything in line and moving in on time. This is super robotic are almost volunteer. Like you can pay me scale or pay me nothing. Just love movies. I'll go there. Oh, you got me. I got no agenda. I don't have a political speech. I was like, Welcome to the movies, you know.

spk_2:   10:30
All right. Yeah,

spk_1:   10:31
that's what they need. They need to put like a binge watcher on stage like a fan, like a professional movie. And their only job is to celebrate and basically, like, verbally masturbate off all the movies like

spk_2:   10:43
you did in there

spk_1:   10:44
just to be a star fucker. And you just start fuck your way through the whole Oscars.

spk_2:   10:48
Tell you what, this up there with motorized lazy boys. So we just feel like we're binge watching the whole time. And we kill like a remote control. Dr People,

spk_1:   10:58
that's not so far fetched, because one day there might be a big water specific award show or, like the fans are awarding everything. And like you could that would be so awesome. Yeah. To power in, like, some big water stuff. Your snacks and drinks in your chair. Great set up. Yeah, it was totally good. Uh, what's funny is like the years wrapped up for all the 2019 stuff. Obviously, these are movies held over from the year they're getting awarded now, but yeah, I don't have, like, a favorite movie. Like I go, I gotta find a DVD. It is. I got to get the memorabilia. I've got to get the toys. I gotta see the theater. I didn't have, like, a a really profound movie moment. Oh, nothing really touched me in a way that, like like, like usually, like what'll happen. Like there'll be one or two phones a year where it makes you question your like beliefs, Or it makes you, like, just, like, reaffirm what you were supposed to be doing, Or just, like, breaks you down and then put you back together. I didn't have, like, a come to Jesus moment with any of the movies this year. You know what he's like, which is a little disappointing.

spk_2:   12:07
I don't know. Um parasite was pretty good because I saw a few months ago it lived up to the hype. Um, you I know you haven't seen uncut gems is up there. It it kind of got robbed of a lot of Oscars. Um, are snub. Um, I I really I don't know. There's movies that really like this year. You might be right. I didn't have maybe a come to Jesus moment. We're like, Oh, this is my new favorite movie of this year. But there's there's a pretty decent ones. I mean, don't bite is my name. I've seen a couple times. Yeah, I've watched the ones the problem time in Hollywood At least twice. Now, once at home,

spk_1:   12:45
my son thinks war. My son's thinks that the Oscars are, like irrelevant

spk_2:   12:54
and force Nelly to generation. He might be right. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's sad to say, I think it's just it's nearing 100. No institution last forever

spk_1:   13:06
who I'll share one fantasy with you. Though I had a fantasy of being on that stage, you know, having written something that people care about. We're having, like, you know, directed a movie that you know matters, right? Even that might be a relevant Now what? Yeah, I don't know. That's weird, right? You know something? Okay. Dream about going to average space or, like, you know, becoming police or firefighters. Yeah, I think for me like my 10 or 11 year old dream was like, I'm gonna goto, you know, being this nitro. Well, that's you. Who knows talking about come to Jesus moments. If you're talking about spirituality, a lot of people have, like, a spiritual experience with David Lynch's movies. And David wanted to take us through this bad romance. Tail star crossed lovers? No, in Big Tuna, Texas with a little movie called while that hurt, which is actually doesn't really have a presence online. There's some clips on YouTube to be at one point had the movie. Um, I'm surprised it's not a name to something prime. This is Ah, Hartman retracted on folks. You have to buy yourself a copy of the movie. But, um, that would have a greater online presence. You know what comes up for a while? That heart is some veterinarian show.

spk_2:   14:37
I saw that. Yeah. Um, yeah, I'm really surprised. I guess why I chose this. I wasn't thinking that far ahead because I own a Blue Ray, which I guess we could put an Amazon link to go by the shop. Fact for you, Ray. It's I think it's worth it. This is actually my favorite David Lynch movie

spk_1:   14:59
That was I always pinned for Probably Lost Highway.

spk_2:   15:04
That was great. I mean, I don't I think this is like everything I wanted in a David Lynch movie and another stand well story he he loves. He loves his abstract er, his abstract art, which is fine. But, um, at least this one I can watch enough in like a dummy and still get like Weird instrument. He's got big, naked ladies dancing around. He's got Willem. Dafoe was like ground down teeth got Crispin Glover

spk_1:   15:32
brute like What's interesting about the movies, like the brutality of Like Everything seems normal except for literally the violence. Usually, like a lot of this stuff, is like, really, really out there. I mean, this has, like, what's great about his movies. They're all character. Nobody's fingers like, obviously, Nick Cage Lord during her famous Now The Focus, this time, like he was like pulling people out of like obscurity and giving them their first opportunities. Really?

spk_2:   16:00
Yeah. Look, I even

spk_1:   16:02
recognized there was a guy who was running the motel and the other people are asking Who's staying in the hotel? He was telling the story about how oh, they're shooting that poor Nana or, you know, he's like they're shooting a pornographic film, but Texas style. But he's got, like, a slightly crooked nose, and I was like, Damn, I saw him in a movie like a comedy where he's yelling at somebody else and I was like, Wow, like that guy's not He's not in anything, but here he is in a David Lynch movie. You know, it's that kind of thing,

spk_2:   16:32
and he chooses great actors and great faces. You know, like Harry Dean Stanton has been like a long, uh uh longstanding David Lynch actor.

spk_1:   16:42
And then who's playing the mom who had the hot for Mary

spk_2:   16:49
Berry in ST. That's actually Diane Ladd. That's actually reward. Earns real life, Mother.

spk_1:   16:53
Yeah, so but she's also Hollywood royalty, right? Like Diane leads like so she's almost like Golden era like if you want to say like described like Lord during his silver era, her mom's like her mom and dad. A golden era or whatever, you know, like,

spk_2:   17:08
yeah, Dad, for sure.

spk_1:   17:11
But what's funny about this plot? Is it really set off by the fact that the mom wanted to bang the dude? And then it's scorned like she feels like she's a lover scorned? But then I wondered, like, Do you think they hooked up before the drunk the thing that they were at theater or whatever, whatever they were doing in the beginning, that movie like, Do you think there was something something, too, or their names losing the girl, Right,

spk_2:   17:36
Lou? Uh

spk_1:   17:38
oh, say that's right, because the mom's got the house form like that. Another. And then she's like she's like doing a complete uh seems like a very down in Texas maneuver, like or a trailer park maneuver that's OK for the groom to hook up with the mother in law. You know, you got a big deal. And then, like then then one of his friends gets paid to kill him with a switchblade. But after hooking up with the mom right like, is that clear? Is it clear that the other guy had sex with the mom before he accepted the job will kill him.

spk_2:   18:14
No, I think so. Yeah. Okay, because she's sleeping with everybody to try to get them to kill him. Yes.

spk_1:   18:19
That's what you paid for the hit.

spk_2:   18:22
Yeah, pretty much. I mean, she's got she's got Harry Dean Stanton by a finger. This is

spk_1:   18:31
the most innocent that I've seen Harry Dean Stanton, usually his characters a lot grittier and not susceptible the deception. But he's got deceived.

spk_2:   18:40
That's that's actually kind of true. He's usually kind of a scum ball or, um and yeah, I see. Told you. See that? Um, did you ever see his last movie? Lucky s O good. It's actually really worth watching. It's ah, it's It's a great, um, like, just just acting like great small story, full of great character actors. I think you'd really like it

spk_1:   19:08
Was that as they say, they say, like you should write Your first movie is just like, What do you have resources to? I was thinking about today. It was like I just have an apartment. I don't have any results. I got a podcast. So it was like, I don't have any, like, I don't have like, a good location or a couple of actors is like like there was talking about that, like, right war one location features only a few actors. And I'm like, No, I

spk_2:   19:33
was actually thinking it. Although I was thinking of that. I did. I did kind of have Ah, the germ of an idea for that. Like, ah, one? Well, one or two. Location. Movie. You look great.

spk_1:   19:48
They like to steal our ideas right off the show.

spk_2:   19:52
It's there.

spk_1:   19:52
Yeah. I mean, you did create extendable Christmas. And now that ships and production uh uh back Thio, Whatever this romance. Yeah. So anyway, so they like. So the dude's mother lot is trying to kill him. Then she just said his people after him. So you and they go on the run, and they're like, he's got some partners that he used to work with. So they end of this. What a great name for a town. Big Tuna.

spk_2:   20:21
Big to the Texas.

spk_1:   20:22
Yeah, that's pretty good. And like you said, William Dafoe, is there some weird dude in like Bobby Peru or something

spk_2:   20:28
he's got, like, for years I thought he had wooden teeth, but this time I watched it on like Chris Blue Ray like, Oh, no, he's just got really fucked up. Nubby teeth. Yeah, like impacted

spk_1:   20:38
teeth or something. Just disgusting. Essentially what they were. And

spk_2:   20:46
it's a it's a nothing. I mean, there's a lot of I am. If I was drinking during this, I would have taken a shot every time there's a shot of, ah lit match because there's a bunch of them in this movie, you know, I you know, speaking of Laura Dern, who just won an Oscar, Yeah, she's in this sea is, like very, very young and can see innocents very. And I eat

spk_1:   21:11
No, you can't because, like, well, even the scene were like Like, you think Peru's like gonna commander or like a Salter and the motel or whatever. I'm like, uh, he gets her involved and then, like you think she's responding to it in a way that she's excited. You're like, Holy shit, What just happened? It went from, like attempted sexual assaults like Is she now involved? You know, I'm saying like it's really like, but that's a lynch move, you know, like a lynch is like presented one emotion and then show you something else. Like that's a Lynch Lynch thing to distribute. Make you question what you're actually seen.

spk_2:   21:47
See? And I always interpreted that as she kind of just did that to kind of get it over with. Like, like, rather than resisted and get it worse, just kind of giving a little bit and get it over with. That's way I've always looked at it, but I could be wrong.

spk_1:   22:04
Um, maybe that's sure. Um, yeah. I don't know what to say about her character very much. Look, it's one of her first movies. It's a It's a famous role. And maybe this is one of the rules that made her a gay icon like the gate there was actually you hear about this like the wire, Like saying they sing the song at this Bird Awards. It's basically about her, like all about Lord Guard. Uh, okay, that was like the best part of the whole show. I was like, Where'd that come from? Well, you know, like, and she's always kind of been impeded. Actress, if you think about her whole career is like it needs, really. This is a couple words shows on HBO.

spk_2:   22:53
Oh, yeah, Yeah, that was a great show. Yeah, I don't really accept dress part in

spk_1:   22:58
this movie, I'm saying, but she's she's well known for it. Oh, and if you like

spk_2:   23:05
to see

spk_1:   23:06
me stuff, there's some steamy stuff in this movie. And if you want to see the cage like he's actually kind of restrained like it's not the craziest we've seen the cage. Um, but, you

spk_2:   23:15
know, you like those has some nutty.

spk_1:   23:18
Yeah, well, I mean, we took the van member and start singing Elvis or, uh, when you back, like just like his stuff is. Really. I thought it was kind of like he was kind of, like, withdrawn as a carrot. But if you're saying you think you still peeking around corners in truly Nic Cage fashion,

spk_2:   23:40
Uh, yeah, it was It's one of his more restrained, But I mean, you know, within the 1st 5 moment, See, he has, like, you know, he bashes somebody's head in, You know, you like you literally see hit a brain matter coming out of the back of the head. Well, that's

spk_1:   23:54
plot, right? That's not like Nick Cage, the Cajun, the situation, you know, like, what is that movie where he walks in the room and he's just talking about the most random things. It's like an early movie in his career. Is his brother in that movie, too? What's this other movie? That it's somewhere to this one, but it's really weird like he comes into. Ah,

spk_2:   24:17
they're already talking. Well, let's see, I I think I know what you're talking about. Like one of his cousins directs. It is a really bad Yeah, where he, like fly has Mom where he's, like losing his shit, flopping all over.

spk_1:   24:30
Yeah, he makes the most. Like you meet all these

spk_2:   24:36
shit. Sorry. Um, something. I was trying to look up the name of this and my phone. Decided to make sounds

spk_1:   24:45
your song was stocking. Want to get in on the action anyway? Yeah, he's in another movie where he makes all these comes into a scene like full tilt Nicolas Cage in true form. Well, I think this Kate you haven't seen since, like Vegas, But he just won't way that it was like one of his very first things that it's like I'm in a vampire's kiss. That's pretty.

spk_2:   25:06
Oh, yeah. He's

spk_1:   25:08
great. In the documentary about the Superman movie that never got. You know that's true. Yeah, but yeah, I like Lord during a lot at school to see her here young. And if your horn ball Like I said, there's some steamy scenes in this movie. It's not full lynch. It's like David said. It's like a Gateway Lynch movie introduced you to his world. Um, there's a

spk_2:   25:33
get a ball. What? Sorry. I interrupted Dead falls. The name of that movie we're trying.

spk_1:   25:38
Oh, yeah. So there you go, folks. Then when we were trying to figure out where he just comes in, there's a lot of wizard wild references in here. I mean, at one point, he gets knocked out and sees the good witch. After that awkward scene where you think that Peru is gonna like assaulter, she's like clicking your heels like Dorothy. There may be more references, but those are the two that I can think of.

spk_2:   26:02
Um oh, actually, Well, there's, of course, the ball that, uh good, Which comes in on. Yeah, and he gives his daughter Excuse me? His son, when he needs him for the first time a lion doll.

spk_1:   26:16
Oh, yeah, that's true. Oh, And then, like, maybe Sailor is like the terribly line because he's about to leave, doesn't have the courage to be part of the family. But then, ultimately, they're just weird metaphors with car accidents for some reason, like, you know, like, uh and I don't know what it I don't know what why, but anyway,

spk_2:   26:36
of course, there's a lot of Elvis in. It's like You're only seeing that love me Tender to the woman he's gonna marry,

spk_1:   26:42
right? His character sailor is kind of like an Elvis type, and he's got a snakeskin jacket that he thinks is magical. Whatever. Yeah, folks, I mean, why is it about romance? I mean, well, I mean the dudes, Hey, they're not gonna let him be with love when he loves, and they literally sending people to kill him. And then he doesn't make some bad choices. And like I said against violent, it's ridiculously violent at one point there, you know, we're like the bank teller is trying to find his hand that got shot, you know, like, oh, the world they can they can put back on. They got new technology. You'll be fine.

spk_2:   27:17
All right.

spk_1:   27:18
And spoiler alert. the dog runs away with it. Um, see, it's that kind of thing. It's probably a good choice for a bad romance. The whole month long. We're talking about movies that you know star crossed lovers or desperate relationships in these movies. The whole you know, what I noticed on TV and other and other person Internet. They're finally kicking in their Valentine's Day Shit, you know,

spk_2:   27:41

spk_1:   27:41
marathons. And, like, I saw Amazon twos like Valentine's Day picks. All right, so now everybody's getting in on the action. So it's good that you ever really get some traction. See what else is going on. Because that's it. It was an Oscar night and that we told you about his favor. Yeah,

spk_2:   28:04
yeah, everything you needed to know.

spk_1:   28:09
Yeah, like, what else did you need to know? Don't artificially inseminate cows and steal their babies according to walking like, keep that in mind the next time you want to eat a whopper? I don't know. You

spk_2:   28:23
could always make it impossible. Whopper.

spk_1:   28:26
Yeah, that's right, King, do something impossible.

spk_0:   28:36